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Central Park ENT
To my fellow members of the ‘baby boomer generation,’ with hearing loss, I would highly recommend the services of Dr. Holly Arentz and Physicians’ Hearing Aid Center. The new technology available creates an opportunity for all of us to enhance our hearing capability without the stigma of ‘in-the-ear’ hearing aids. My quality of life and ability to communicate has been tremendously improved.
Central Park ENT
Hi. My name is John. I am a very senior citizen with a problem. I can’t hear very well without my hearing aid. With my hearing aid, my hearing is so much better it’s amazing. I didn’t realize how much of a hearing loss I had until I put my aid in and learned how to use it, which is very simple by the way. Physicians Hearing Aid Center is operated by a very competent and caring staff, who left nothing to chance, starting from the exam all the way to the hearing aid itself. I would recommend them to family and friends and anyone who is suffering from a loss of hearing.
Central Park ENT
Holly, I am so thankful to have you as my audiologist and for the help you have been as I reluctantly explored the possibilities of getting help to improve my hearing. Years of loud rock and roll music in the 60s and 70s, lack of hearing protection while operating power tools and zero protection while shooting skeet and hunting damaged my hearing over the years. Not being able to hear my sweet little granddaughter’s voice as she stood tugging on my pants leg two Christmases ago was the turning point that made me seek your help. You guided me in my search and helped me decide on the choice that was right for me and then were there as we fine tuned my Oticon Epoq to be the perfect aids to my hearing. I can’t thank you enough for helping me through a sensitive transition.
Central Park ENT
After working with Holly Arentz, I chose Oticon hearing aids. The difference in my life has been remarkable. I had no idea how many high sounds I was missing and how dull my hearing had actually become. I also ordered the Streamer, a blue tooth device that works directly with my hearing aids. This is really great because I can listen to music as well as receive phone calls by simply pushing a button. The greatest part of all this has been the personal and professional help I receive from Holly. The hearing aid center also provides me with the supplies I need and has the best prices for my batteries. I would strongly recommend Holly her entire staff to help you with your hearing problems.
Central Park ENT
For several years, it has been my great pleasure to have been treated and served by the professionals at Physicians Hearing Aid Center. In addition to needing assistance with my hearing loss, my work as a CPA demanded a high level of interaction with clients, both in person and on the phone. The Oticon hearing aids, along with their accompanying streamer device, have allowed me to significantly improve comprehension in meetings as well as phone conversations. And now that I am also serving as Council Member for the City of Arlington, it would certainly be impossible to perform these duties without the help provided by my hearing devices. I sincerely thank and appreciate those who have helped me enjoy an improved quality of life.
Central Park ENT
I have been extremely pleased with the SERVICE and care received by Holly Blocker Arentz, Chief of Audiology for Physicians’ Hearing Aid Center in Arlington, Texas. After conducting a hearing test in January 2009 and determining what I already knew (my needs for hearing aids), Dr. Arentz listened patiently to my requests which I based on research I had done. Each subsequent visit has been thorough and always with dedicated SERVICE for my benefit. I emphasize SERVICE because we live in a society where less and less emphasis is placed on reliable service to clients. She has explained modifications for my aids as well as any insurance-related questions. I have recommended Physicians Hearing Aid Center to others; in particular, I have recommended Dr. Arentz.
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Congratulations to Dr. Dana Gibbs

Based on Dr. Gibbs patient ratings and reviews, she received the 2016 Vitals Compassionate Doctor Award.
The Vitals Compassionate Award recognizes Dr. Gibbs as a doctor who always goes above and beyond to treat your patients with the utmost kindness.